Thursday, 7 May 2015

Solving the “update required” issue for Universal Windows Platform projects.

I’ve always used a single machine for all of my Windows 10 stuff development. As an attendee at //build/ I’ve got an HP Spectre x360 ultrabook and with the help of this blog post I’ve got it working properly with Windows 10 Insider Preview and all of my development software.

Surprisingly my older projects could not be loaded properly on the new machine and got (update required) attachments on all of them.


When right-clicked and selected Download Update the Visual Studio just directed me to Microsoft home page which was not particularly useful.

All of my machines had everything up to date with the fast update cycle enabled. However, the Spectre had Windows 10 Pro features enabled. That’s a potential culprit.

How to actually solve it? I’ll give you a trivial trick that works for me at the moment.

  1. Create a new Windows Universal project.


  2. Right-click it in the Solution Explorer Window  and unload the newly created project.


  3. Right-click and select editing the project file.


  4. Find an XML element <TargetPlatformVersion> and its value.


  5. Now go back to your real project and edit it’s project file. Paste in the UWP version you copied into both <TargetPlatformVersion> and <TargetPlatformMinVersion>


  6. Reload the project. It should load properly this time.

Of course raising the TargetPlatformMinVersion can break the works on my other machines. It would probably be sensible to keep it as low as possible, but you will have to experiment with that yourself.